Monday, 14 April 2014

Weekly number challenge.

Today’s Number:

Write it in words

fifty eight
Write it as an expanded number

Add 3

Add 20

Subtract 5

Double it

Half of it
Multiply by 3

The easiest part was to expand it.
The hardest part was to multiply it.
I need to work on my multiplication.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Our trip to the Panmure Libary.

Yesterday our class went to the Panmure Library to meet some people from the Auckland museum.I learnt how to use a Rakau as a weapon. We did a play for how Maunagarei was made and the war of the fairy tribes Patu Paiarehe and Tuhere.

Then we had to go to a table and we made a Matau out of clay by getting the clay. Then we were rolling it in to a ball ,then we flattened it and got a necklace and put that in the clay and it made a mold.  If you do not what a Matau is it is a fishing hook.

Then we went back to school and we got to play for a few minutes and that is what we did yesterday.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Monday, 7 April 2014

Weekly number challenge.

Today’s Number:

Write it in words
five hundred and eighty two

Write it as an expanded number

Add 3

Add 20

Subtract 5

Double it

Half of it
Multiply by 3

The easiest part was
to expand it
The hardest part was
to multiply it
I need to work on

my multiplication

Monday quick writes.

                             My super heroes.
Description  My super heroes are my grand parents because they have looked after me for most of my life. When My parents have had to both do some thing and they would have not come back till the next morning my grand parents will let my brother and I stay there.

My grand parents have walked us to school nearly every morning and my grandma makes the nicest milk shakes.

They have helped by making my brother and I dinner and breakfast when we had to stay the nights at their house.
My grandma is 65 and she used to work at this school but she retired and my granddad is 72 and even though they are are not my parents  I still love them and they are like parents to me.

"Hey lets go play on the park" "OK" said mike
"what are you kids doing here" "what" I said what are you doing here" "come lets go"
so the kids left the park when suddenly they heard foot steps and they were the super grandparents so they told the super grandparents what had happened and they went to the park.

 When they got there they saw the terrorists and went to catch them when they froze the grandpa so the grandma got out her shock gun and shocked one of the men.

 But they were in for a surprise when the leader of gang came so the grandma got out her nun chucks and whacked the leader.

But he did not do any thing he just stood  still luckily the grandpa had a lighter so when he go frozen he dropped the lighter and it court fire to the plan that was going to end the world.
So that melted the ice and he got out, they both got out there ninja swords and they captured the terrorists and that is why grandparents are so special.   

Friday, 4 April 2014

Animals talk too.

Last week in reading I read a book called animals talk too.
I found out these five facts about animals.

1. A bird squawks if they get disturbed.
 2. A elephant raises their trunk to warn others of danger.
 3. A Dolphin makes  vibrational sounds to talk to other dolphins.
 4. Animals rub themselves to leave there scents. 
 5. Puppies huddle together when they are cold or scared.

These are five words that I learnt the meaning of.

1. Huddled to keep close to others if you are cold or scared.
2. Scents an animals smell.
3. Raises is when you put something up high.
4. Vibrations is when your body moves very fast or something shakes.
5. Squawks to make a large high pitch sound.

My kiwi kids news quiz results.

This is my results on the kiwi kids news quiz I got 40%.

My results on Xtra maths.

Today I did Xtra maths I think I need to work ore on my addition facts to get to subtraction.