Friday, 15 April 2016

Spellzone Spelling Game

Today I played a spelling game called spellzone where you have to answer the questions by spelling out the prefix words as fast as you can. I got lots of the different words correct.

Prefix Spelling Game

Today I played a spelling game where you find the letter for different prefix (words that start with un.) And try to find them all as fast as you can. It is fun and it helped me to practice and learn the different words that start with UN.

Words That Start With UN.

For spelling I wrote all these different words that start with UN. Some of the words I found were: Unprofessional, Unthankful,Unblocked and a lot more. I filled up all the squares with the words I knew. The words that we did were prefix words.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

ANZAC Letter.

We had to write a letter from the eyes of the ANZAC soldiers in the trenches. We researched what it was like in the trenches and I wrote this letter. We wrote notes and read the diary of Captain Charlie May which you can read for yourself here: LINK


These are images that I have taken from the DLO that John and I created. Our learning Intention was to find the Main Idea for the poems that we were looking at. We found out that the main idea is the message that the author wanted to get across the reader. 

The Golden Girl Story.

The Golden Girl:

Rebecca quickly shut her eyes, the bright light covered by her eyelids.  He proceeds, sprinting towards her. She screamed and he got closer and closer. She ran towards a cliff side, and down the bottom was a lake. She wept. He got even closer. She jumped! A few minutes later she swam to shore and he disappeared! “Whew!” she sighed with relief.

Rebecca rapidly opened her eyes, wiping the water away. She ran through the woods. She lost her breath. She sprinted. She now knows he found her.

She woke up. Couldn’t see. She reached into her pocket. “Where’s my phone?” She questioned. She couldn’t see whether he was still there. Her eyes blinked. They opened. Her arm was so stiff she couldn’t feel the rope bashing against her. She saw a knife on top of a barrel.

Rebecca wonders where she is. She kicked the barrel and the knife was released. She cut her way out. There he was on the veranda. “I must be in a barn.” She told herself. She smashed through the hay bale. Tackling the man to the rusty floor. She jumped off.

*Smash* the shock, as she landed on the ground, was like she had walked on a wet cable. He followed. “You're going nowhere!” He roared like a lion. Her ground shock disappeared. She than bolted over to a telephone box. She huffed her way to the phone. She rang her parents.

“Dad! Dad! I’m in the middle of the woods can you do anything to find me?”

“Hun, what are you on about? Where are you.” Her dad questioned.

“I'm not that sure I think i’m around the old village campsite (Aspen, Colorado) ,please come, there's this man chasing me! Oh and I think he has: black shoes, muddy t-shirt and these ugly pants, like jeans. ”

“Dad dad...” *Bang* Glass shattered.
“Ugly pants aye?” He asked her.

She slowly turned her head. She saw a glimpse reflection off the booth mirror of the man with a gun. “What will I do?” As she muttered to herself.

Rebecca clenched her hands together. He loaded the gun and put his finger on the trigger. She twisted herself around like a wind up toy. Grabbed the gun and stopped.

“Go ahead, shoot me, be like me,  A murderer, a kidnapper. It all starts like that.” He said.
“No it doesn’t.” She yelled.

“Oh yes it does, one miniscule pull of the trigger and bang, you're an instant murderer.”

“I’m not a murderer, I’ll never be!” She declared.

She jumped at the man pushing him to the ground, a long piece of glass passaged through his leg. She wanted to do more (Kill Him!); she didn’t.

He couldn’t feel his leg. She heard sirens. “Dad.” as she ran towards her father. She looked up to the horizon as she was in shock, the sun back in her eyes. She heard the police officer yelling. “In the name of the law, remain silent. They arrested the man.

Days later the Herald published an article telling Rebecca’s shocking story. A constant flow of reporters all seemed to want to know the same thing. Maybe that is what sold papers...

This term we have been learning to write narratives. We used the picture prompt below to help us imagine how this situation came about. We tried to hook our audience in by thinking about the pace of events and the pictures we painted with words.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Elephants Toothpaste.

On Wednesday Mrs Davis and Mrs Dudding from Edgewater College came to demonstrate the elephants toothpaste experiment. We gave our Hypothesises (Our Prediction.) I thought it was going to make an explosion. We did the experiment. What we saw is that it foamed up, (Bubbles) and it started to smoke which meant it was hot. It was fun but safe and we can not wait to see if we do it again.

E-ako Maths.

Today on E ako maths I practiced my place value and fractions. I had to tick which statements were true for example: Poppy had 3/4. It was fun and I have practiced more with fractions.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Design Process

At the start of graphics we made our design brief on google drawings. We researched different types of jewelry and sketched 6 designs that are jewelry related. One of the ideas I have drawn is a lego piece. When we got the 6 ideas we chose one idea to change, for example: Curved, 3D and a few others. Once we drew the design we worked with plasticine which is like a clay that you mold designs with. I made the lego piece design. After that we worked on a website called Tinkercad where we then took our designs and tried our best to replicate it with the 3D shapes.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Photo With Kanoa Lloyd.

Today we had a Duffy assembly and I got to meet and take a photo with Kanoa Lloyd. It was fun and awesome hope to meet her another time!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Presenting At The Manaiakalani Place At Somervile.

Today I presented at the Maniakalani place at Somervile. (Old Tamaki Intermediate.) I arrived there at 8:30 in the morning to prep everything like chairs and other things and I had a practice of my speech. Then other kids from all the schools in the Manaiakalani cluster arrived and we took our seats. All these vistiors from around New Zealand sat watching us. I was 3rd to present. I got up and read out my script then I played my science movie to everyone. When I finished everyone clapped and I sat down and listened to the other people when we all finished we went out side and took a photo together. When I arrived back at school my teacher wrote on the board, #PROUD TEACHER!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

E- Ako Maths: Place Value.

Today I practiced my maths on a website called E ako maths. The task was in te reo maori and maths. It was a fun task and when we were asked if we wanted to stop we didn't. It was interesting because it involves place value and fractions! I loved it so much I can't wait for the next time we do it!

Exploring Two Points Of Views.

This is a collaborative DLO John and I have created using Ifake text. It is about the current events on the bus strike and it is two points of view on the their boss and on the workers. It was important for the public to look at both of the point of views and perspectives and then to make an informed choice. I wrote the point of view for the bus worker and John wrote the point of view for the boss. We learnt what bias and provocation means. Bias means 1 point of view and a provocation is when people say something it triggers others feelings to react.

Current Events: Bus Strike.

Thomas and I have made this current events DLO about the bus strike that happened on February Friday the 19th to Saturday the 20th. It went on from 4am on the friday to 4am on the saturday. We researched the information we needed and we used the 5W's so it showed when it was, what it was, why it happened, where it happened, who it affected and how it happened. We wrote a point of view from both groups perspectives. For example: Group 1- Bus Drivers. Group 2- The people who use the buses.  The bus drivers did the strike to grab the public's attention so they saw their point of view.

Here are some sources we have used: LINK 1 LINK 2

Friday, 1 April 2016

LS2's Favorite Movie Category.

Daniel and I had to go round the class and ask people what their favorite movies types are! The different types were Sci- Fi, Zombie, Sports, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, comedy,horror,murder and romance. The classes favorite type of movie is action because they love to watch guns firing and things exploding. It was a fun activity to help us with our maths.

3D Printing With Miss Ferguson: Tech

For tech we are doing 3D printing with Miss Ferguson. We use a website called tinkercad which is a place that you create 3D designs on. This term for graphics i'm designing a lego piece key chain so this is my design of a lego piece.

Spellzone Spelling Game.

In class I played a spelling game called spellzone. What you do in the game is your at a spelling bee and you answer questions words that start with auto. For example: Automobile, autograph and lots more. One thing that I really like about this spelling game is that it helps you to understand what the words mean but also its fun.