Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekly number challenge.

Today’s Number:

Write it in words
four hundred and seven

Write it as an expanded number

Add 3

Add 20

Subtract 5

Double it

Half of it
Multiply by 3

The easiest part was
to expand it.
The hardest part was
to multiply it.
I need to work on
my multiplication  

Monday quick writes.

                                    My favorite meal 


  • Flour
  • Milk
  • Blueberry's
  • Sugar
  •  Cooking pan
  • Stove
  • Oil

1.Mix the flour and milk together.
2.Add sugar to the mix.
3.Get the blueberry's and a spoon and mix them all together.
4. Get a cooking pan and pour the mixture in side it.
5.Put the pan on the stove and add some oil.
6. Turn the stove on at half way so it does not burn.

Then you will have something like a pancake with blueberry's in it.

Monday, 24 March 2014

My weekly number challenge.

Today’s Number:

Write it in words
one hundred and sixty seven

Write it as an expanded number

Add 3

Add 20

Subtract 5

Double it

Half of it
Multiply by 3

The easiest part was
to add 3.
The hardest part was
multiply it.
I need to work on
the multiplication.

Monday quick writes.

If I had a tree house I would make it out of bricks and wood.

I would put stairs to get up to my door where I will use a key to open it. I would use cement and my hammer and nails to put every thing in place.
My tree house will ten bedrooms and there will be a giant pool, that's four meters deep. 

I would build it deep in the forest where no one will be able to find it, I would have a library,kitchen and a bathroom, so I would never get bored.

I would also love to have a room that is full of computers and other gaming consoles to keep my self amused.
The cool thing about my tree house is that you can watch television on my giant flat screen and if you get hungry there is a giant fridge and pantry full of all my favorite foods.

I would like to have a water slide that goes from my bedroom all the way down into my pool and an aquarium under my pool with a great white shark swimming around in it. 

My comment to room 5.

This is my comment to room 5 on there video about not littering.

Friday, 21 March 2014

My cultural art.

Here is my art I used patterns from my culture you can see I have translated (slid) the koru .
I have rotated (turned) the seagull.
I have reflected (flipped) the kiwi.
I am proud of the drawings and how it came out. 

LL sharing information.

Sharing Information

L.I.  To make decisions about sharing information safely online

Cut (ctrl X) and paste (ctrl V) the following statements into the table:

Personal Information
(information that is safe to share)

Private Information
(information that you should never share without the permission of an adult)
Your first name
Your favourite colour
what country you live in
Your favourite game
favourite movie
favourite food
favourite sport

Bank account number
family private information
Your password for anything
Your home phone number
your credit card number
your last name
Your home address
who lives in your house
your personal pictures

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Basic facts pratice.

This week we practiced our basic facts by using online games.I really liked playing maths man.
This game helped my learning by addition facts.Here is the link to game if you want to play.
click here

Monday, 17 March 2014

Weekly number challenge.

Today’s Number:

Write it in words
thirty four

Write it as an expanded number

Add 3

Add 20

Subtract 5

Double it

Half of it
Multiply by 3

The easiest part was to add three
The hardest part was to multiply it.
I need to work on

This is my weekly number challenge.

LL Monday quick writes.

If I was an animal I would be an anaconda so I can climb up high trees and high places. 

I would be able to sneak past things and I can keep my self safe from things that could hurt me. 

  I would be able to swallow something whole and I would be lucky because I would be strong and fast. I would be one of the scariest things in the jungle and my venom will be very poisons to others  if I bit them.

My comment to room 2 on there keep trying work.

This is my comment to room 2 on there work about keep trying.

My comment of Sam's presentation of Sumatran Tigers.

This is my comment to Sam in room 8 of his presentation of Sumatran Tigers.

Friday, 14 March 2014

LL DG counting in Maori.

This is mine and Daniels voice thread of counting in Maori.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Reading week 6 term 1.

My book was about two boys that go camping and then they get scared and think there is a monster
I am the same because I get scared easily like that to it is a non fiction book called creature at camp creepy.

My maths number challenge.

Today’s Number:

Write it in words
forty six

Write it as an expanded number

Add 3

Add 20

Subtract 5

Double it

Half of it
Multiply by 3

The easiest part was adding 3 to 46
The hardest part was multiplying by 3
I need to work on my multiplication

Monday quick writes.

My most favorite place I have ever been to is candy land. It is in Hamilton  if you do not know what candy land is it is a shop full of candy like bubble gum gobstoppers 
hard candy soft candy chewy candy and much more.

When I first went to candy land there was candy every ware. 
When my dad said we were going I thought it would be like 
charlie and the chocolate factory but it was not.

My favorite candy there is the giant lollipops they had black licorice and red licorice my favorite is red licorice.

I hope one day I will get to go there again some time and you might go to.
I have high lighted 3 simple sentences and 3 conjunctions.   

Tuesday, 4 March 2014




TRANSLATION:In class we have been learning about transformation and there is reflection,rotation,and translation. You can watch this video called transformation style here.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Pbs values presentation.

This is mine and Aj's presentation on the pbs values.

Monday quick writes.

                         My New Kind Of Sandwich.                            

In my new kind of sandwich I am going to first off have a freshly cooked bun.Then I will spread butter on the bun then I will get some mayonnaise and put that in the bun then I will get some freshly cooked chicken and some freshly picked tomatoes and cucumbers.

I will then get some grated carrots and some lettuce. and I would have ham and BBQ sauce. 

 That is what my new kind of sandwich is like and I hope I will get to try my new kind of sandwich one day.