Friday, 23 October 2015


On Wednesday we had music! For out music we used xylophones! It was so fun learning a song and playing it together thanks to Mrs Anderson for organizing our classes music!

What Do The Five W's Mean?

This is what I know about the 5w's! For homework we had to make a DLO of what we know about the five w's also we had to ad on which! (6 W's)

Tech: Wood Work!

Today at tech I worked on making my joint! First I started with a long piece of wood, then I cut off a piece and that's what's going in the joint! To make a joint you get your wood and rule lines on the top, bottom and sides then you get a marking gauge and you make a line on the middle of your marked lines! Then you saw down to the line and chisel out the middle when you've done that you should be able to slide you piece of wood in!

Basket Ball!

Today we had basket ball training! Our coaches were Coach Mark and Coach Millie! First we started of with running then we did high knees. After that we had to pivot were you are on your side and you move around with your legs going over each other! After that we had to cup the ball were you hold the ball and you pass it through your legs. When everyone finished we had to dribble the ball remember to look forward! All the people in my team encouraged each other! After that we played some relays and even know my team didn't come first we all had fun!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Transum Maths

This is what I have been doing for homework! I have been learning my times tables. Before I never knew my 7's and now I do! This has helped alot!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

7x Tables.

For maths we had to make a poster of what we know about the 7x tables. Here it is!

Friday, 16 October 2015

NZ Shakeout!

This is a video about NZ Shakeout!


On Wednesday for music Fine, Yvette and Tim taught the class how to play some chords on ukulele! It was fun and we all learnt lots, can't wait for the next music!

Problem Solving

Halatoa ate twice as many pancakes as Sebastian at lunchtime. Sebastian had another 3 pancakes for afternoon tea. Altogther they ate 18 pancakes. How many pancakes did Halatoa eat?
The reason I got this is because it said that Halatoa ate twice as much pancakes than Sebastian. And it said Sebastian ate three so i’m sure Halatoa ate 6?

This is what I got for my problem solving!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

SSW Story Swap Task.

I looked at the house, wanting to check it out. When I walked there the door opened, I walked inside quietly and asked "Hello is anyone here?" no one replied. I had a look around, the lights turned off and on while I walked closer to the bedroom. Footsteps ran past me, a light shined from a window I could see the door. As I get closer I had a feeling someone was watching me. The door shut and I felt like something was crawling up my leg. I got really scared I had a look at my legs in was just a spider. I would  hate for it to be something like a skeleton arm. I Tried to open the door it wouldn't let me I knew something Was blocking the door, As I turned around all the curtains were pushed both sides of the end. I heard Water running It was a tap. I asked myself that was pretty strange I tried and tried to open the door. It opened some how? I ran out of the room and bolted like the wind back home I said to my self I'm Never going there again!!!
Today We had to do a silent challenge for writing. It was a really cool our challenge was not to talk. There was also a small challenge well doing this we had to work with someone our teacher decide to cool this challenge SSW which means Sustain Silent Writing. One thing I learned today was to read out out our story so you can hear the mistake and fix it.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Grid Challenge

Today we played a game called grid challenge it's a multiplication game where you roll two dices and what 2 numbers you get you have to array them on different shapes and sizes on the grid and the person who filled the most with the least amount of grid left wins. You race together with a partner I played it with Manu, and he won but its fun even if you lose. I can't wait for the next time to play it!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Care Award DLO

For my care award I had to make a DLO on my personal passion. I did it on film making!

Problem Solving

Today we did this math task. This is the question. How many more words did she read in week 4? I think I got the answer correct?