Thursday, 10 March 2016

Writing Prompt Continuation.

On the street, day time. Legs run along the pavement. They are Mark Renton's. Just ahead of him is Spud. They both belting along. As they travel, various objects, (pens, tapes, CD's, toiletries, ties, sunglasses and so on) either fall or a discarded from inside their jackets. They are pursued by two hard looking store detectives in identical uniforms. The men are fast, but Renton and Spud maintain their lead. Suddenly as Renton crosses the road, a car skids to a halt inches from him. In a moment of detachment Renton stops and looks at the shocked driver, then at Spud, who has continued running, then at the two men who are closing in. He smiles.
Spud kept on sprinting. Mark then drops his wallet, Spud stops. 
"Mark move on!" 
Mark runs back. Spud then goes. He sprints, hurdling the chairs and shoving pedestrians. 
"Spud wait up!" Mark cried. The police were behind them but Spud doesn't have a care in the world. "Spud when we get away from here were splitting the money!" he yelled back as he turned the corner. The officers split up. 
"Ya better be good at free running!" yelled Spud. He jumped up the wall and stopped! A siren went off. Mark knew there were more officers. 
"Spud don't go that way!" Mark screamed. Spud didn't listen. Rocks went flying from all the little street thugs. The police stopped them. Spud tripped on a rock and they stopped him. 
"No..." cried Mark. 
"You Have The Right To Remain Silent!"

I have continued on from a part of the movie Train Spotting. We had to write it at a fast pace which matched the part above!


daniel said...

I really like your paragraph Latham. I like how Mark hurls chairs out of his way, but I think the best bit was and the end. "You have the right to remain silent!" is a awesome way to end this story. Great work!

Sajiha said...

Your continuation is so interesting and impressive! The words you have used really show not tell. Keep it up.


Nesi said...

Hi Latham

Your continuation of the paragraph was so mind blowing. I think you did a great job making the whole story flow. Keep up the great writing.

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