Sunday, 27 December 2015

Summer Blogging!

This is me reading the book Skulduggery Pleasant I took a photo and sent it to my self to put on my blog!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Summer Blogging!

For the summer blogging I have chosen the United kingdom as my country that I will be following for the next few weeks! One thing I like about this country is that their national icons are the Barbary Lion, The rose, the Oask tree, the queen and a cup of tea!

This is an awesome country and their population  size is 53,1 million.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Blog Comments!

Blog Comments!

I have commented on John, Jack, Room 5 and room 4 at point England school!  I have done 4 great comments to them and these are the comments I have sent them!

Science Certificates.

Today Mr Dunn And Miss Bunce had come to senior assembly to award the year 7 and 8's and room 9 with our Science certificates. It was an amazing privilege to be part of their science can't wait for the next science program next year!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Why Its Good To Learn Maths In School!

This is a movie John, Zahn and I have made! We made it using I Movie. It is about two friends, (ME AND ZAHN!) Zahn is the brainy friend and I am the not so brainy friend. The brainy friend knows his maths and I have to keep looking at his. But one day he thought it was enough and he demanded me to learn my maths! But I didn't know how? So he got all of his things ready. 

You'll have to watch the movie to find out if he learns his maths!

Student Leader Nomination.


I believe I would be the best choice for the 2016 Manaiakalani Leader. As a part of becoming a leader, I am a confident speaker and I help others with their learning! I can take on any challenge that will help me become a school leader, and be the best I can at it. My passion is making films and videos, so I use a computer a lot, in and out of school! To be a Manaiakalani Leader you need to know how to use computers and that is something I am very good at! I dress smart in my uniform and style my hair and would make our school look very smart. I know I can take on a leadership role, and I can/will do everything I can to become one and do our school proud.

I have been nominated for Manaiakalani Leader for 2016! I have written this paragraph to persuade people to vote for me. I have listed the Leader quality's that I have that people can look at. I am proud of my self and I am prepared for this. I think I have a clear chance and hope to be elected!

Monday, 7 December 2015

What is problem solving in maths? Does it only happen in maths.

Today we had to write a quick write of what we know about problem solving and if it only happens in maths? This is my quick write!

Problem solving is developing maths knowledge! It is not just used in maths for example (Buying things at the shop, Finding how much you get payed in pocket money and much more!)
Problem solving can be figuring out the answer, working with bigger numbers and using different strategies! Problem solving helps you work out solutions in maths.
But when you're using problem solving outside of maths it could help with a lot of things. I think it’s not just used in maths but it's used outside of it too!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Flag Results.

Today we found out the results of the flag our school is now voting for! The flags all got our votes and her are the results. The Black and White Koru got 10 votes, the Red Peak got 25 votes, the Black and White Fern got 50 votes and the Red and Blue flag got 87 votes which is the one I voted for!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Choosing A New Flag!

Today we had to choose what flag we wanted to become the new flag of NZ! First we had to look at the flags for 4 minutes and then we had to find a partner and discuss what flag we wanted. Then we found another buddy and talked to them about what we think, and for 2 minutes we got into groups and talked about our choices! In my group was John, Manu, Zahn, Dontalian, Jacob and me! We all chose the second flag which is the Silver Fern (red, white and blue) because we thought it looked similar to our old flag and we don't want to change it! We also see it as as a flag that people can look at and go "That's the New Zealand flag!" 
         That's the flag we think New Zealand could have!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Letter To Term 1 Me!

LI: To reflect on personal goals set in term 1.

Dear Term 1 Latham,

Didn’t I do well this year! I have gained confidence and I have limited my time in the sick bay! I have participated in sports like soccer, hockey, cricket and much more. This year we have been doing lots of great things we even started  by getting these badges called CARE awards. Head leader nominations are coming up and i’m really excited to see how that goes. Hopefully I get nominated for head boy! I have gotten certificates in assembly, and prize giving is coming up which is exciting! Maybe i’ll get an award! I’ve improved a lot in maths, but i’m still working on my multiplication. I have had a crazy but awesome year and have achieved my goals! See you next year,

From Term 4 Latham