Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Spirit Facts.

How might spirits find a host?
Spirits don’t really have a method for finding hosts, they just choose somebody who looks like they did before they died, as it makes them feel alive again. Other spirits could be conjured up but that is not a very safe choice to make!

Why might spirits haunt places?
Sometimes when people who pass on and their family has owned it for generations they tend to return to the homes. Most people can contact spirits or contact people who can see spirits or they feel a presence which could be good, but it can also be bad!

How could you get rid of a spirit once it has found a host?
You can kindly ask it to leave. Some spirits don’t think they're dead so explain to them that they died. Use your imagination to see people you love. If it is a bad spirit then you need to seek help from a priest or a demon expert.
Is it possible to see spirits?

Psychics can read and see spirits, and they can also talk to them. Other people are gifted and have the ability to see spirits.

Thomas, Sylis and I have created these facts on spirits! For our mini inquiry we have to research something to do with what letter we got. We all got S, so we came up with Spirits. After this we are making a movie about spirits and will be completed soon!

Friday, 21 October 2016

1st Person Owl Narrative.

                   Radical Food.

It was a dark, wet day. Mum and us boys were starving.
“Mum, i’m cold, i’m hungry!” we all moaned.

“I am sorry boys, but you just won’t try flying, I am telling you it would be easier and you can hunt for your own food!”

“But, b…”

“But what, you will otherwise have to eat my regurgitated food, and you need fresh food!”

We all know we won’t gain any nutrients being lazy and eating mums spew! It was time, we perched on our branch.

“Ok boys, all you have to do is keep your thrust levels straight, otherwise you will fall!”
The rain started to clear,
“Ok go!” yelled mum.

We flew off, we could hear mum at the back of us, “Keep your thrust leveled!”
We could see how hard it was to control ourselves! I started to panic, I remember dad saying keep single file, but now he isn’t here to see our achievement. I began to see these massive figures flying towards us in the distance,

“Boys get back!”
We didn’t know how to, mum was more focused on finding us fresh food that she didn’t remember to teach us how to brake! I was really scared, at that point my feathers were soaking wet, poor people down below! The speed we built up started to make us glide, it was hard to keep in single file! The figures got closer and closer, I was in front. The figures were bald eagles!

“Boys, move now we don’t have time!”

We all wondered what mother was on about, then we clicked. The eagles will easily eat us up, or worse take home as prey!

“Mum, what do we do?” I screamed.

I assume that we will have to lower our thrust! I was in front meaning I lead,
“Guys, lower!” I explained.

I could see the eagles following on, and mum at the end!

“Mum, they’re near you!”

I managed to brake and swift through the trees and back to mum, I could see them smacking and pecking her! She couldn’t cope, down she went!
I couldn’t take it, first dad now mum, It will be hard! I am the oldest and I must protect my siblings, we must go to the most dangerous place to find the most radical food around, and that's the eagles habitat!

“Where are we going?” they all asked.

After 3 hours of flying we reached our destination. We split up into three groups, I lead on the trail. There they were, golden brown eggs perched up on the tiny branch. We were in for a feast.
“Quiet!” I demanded. We quickly grabbed an egg each and launched off, not knowing what would happen next...

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Cybersmart DLO.

After Mrs Ogilvie came into teach the y8's about being cyber smart I made this DLO using the information she had given us. It shows what types of keywords to use and a website called Britannica school where they have biography's about specific people from a to z. It was fun making this and I hope it works!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Reading Challenge T4.

For reading we paired up into groups to explore the reading challenge. We started by getting together, after that we grabbed the first story. We had to read it and write a 25 word sentence to retell the story in our own words. The next task was tickling fish. We had to follow the instructions and fill in the blank words. That was a fun task! Once we had finished the tasks we got to do the super challenge which was another fill in the blanks but longer and harder! In the end we all marked our work and I had a fun time working with my group and it was a fun way to explore and follow the instructions given.

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Today LS1's Mrs Ogilvie came into the library to teach us Y8's about being cyber smart! We learnt tips with keywords to make it easier for when we search for something on the net. We were shown a website called Britannica school where you can search for the keywords and it easily shows up with it! It was so much fun and awesome to meet Mrs Ogilvie. Thanks for helping and showing us ways to research for things easier!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Dehydration DLO

At PBS we are a water only school! Thomas and I have created this DLO to show why water is important to drink and that it keeps you hydrated. Without drinking water you will find that you sometimes feel dizzy or sick and when like that you lack concentration keeping you from working. If you try drinking when in class you wont feel dehydrated, and your work will be finished!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Forces Of Flight.

Today for inquiry we focused on the forces of flight. We learnt about velocity and gravity. We also learnt about thrust and that it will overcome drag to keep it propelled. The inertia is another word for pull, or drag! It was fun and really interesting. Thanks to Ms Kirkpatrick for teaching us the things we did not know about flight!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Y8 Dance 2016.

Today we had our first dance practice for graduation this year! It started really easy with the rock and roll dance. Us boys had to put our left foot back then quickly put our right one in front, after that we stepped to the side and slowly changed to the other side. It was actually fun doing that! Then we partnered with a girl, it began to get awkward! We had to hold their right hand and put our right hands on their waists. After that we learnt the basics of the cha cha. We would stamp our left foot and cha cha to the side and then change and stomp our right foot. In the end we were able to pull it off with our partner. Thanks to Sonja for helping us with today's dance lesson!

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Holiday Reading Book Cover Task.

For the holiday reading task these holidays I have recreated the book cover of Anthony Horowitz's Point Blank story. The reason I decided to do this book is because it is action packed and I already knew it would be fun to make, especially with explosions!