Friday, 26 June 2015

Protec Basic Facts

I did a different sheet and got 7 out of 9 correct. The questions were 2x - 9x. Next time I am aiming to get all of them correct.

Current Events

I found out on kiwi kids news that some kids were meant to watch Inside out when the were actually watching Insidious 3. This is my current events DLO of it!


For homework we had to find out about Galileo! These are the things I found out about him.

Golden Goal

At tech I made this animation of a boy kicking a ball into the goal!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Scratch Tools and Technique.

Scratch Tool

Technique - What does the tool do?

Description - What was the tool used for?

Script : Event : When (green flag) clicked

When you click on the green flag, the animation will start
To start the animation
Script : Event : When backdrop switches to (backdrop)
It makes the background switch to a different background.
Changes backrounds
Script : Event : When I receive (message1)

.Runs script below when it receives specified broadcast message

Messages scripts to do things
Script : Event : broadcast (message1)
It sends a message to all scripts
Sends Messages
Script : Event : broadcast (message1) and wait
It sends messages to all sprites and wait
Sends messages and waits
Script : Motion :  move (10) steps
The sprite moves a certain number of steps
Moves a number of steps
Script : Looks : say (Hello!) for (2) secs
Say words in a speech bubble for a number of seconds
Says words in a speech bubble for a number of seconds
Script : Looks : switch costume to (costume2)
Switch costume to change the look of a sprite
Changes the look of a sprite
Script : Looks : switch backdrop to (backdrop1)
Switch to the specified backdrop
Changes to a different background
At tech we had to fill in  this chart about scratch.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Animated Name

For tech we had to use Sratch to animate our names. I put a soccer field and a soccer ball with my name because I love soccer.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Maori Battalion

The Maori Battalion
The Maori Battalion “Haere e tama ma. Haere me te whakaaro ki te pupuri i te rongo toa a o tatou tipuna. Kia wehi ki whakaaro kite pupuri i te rongo toa a o tatou tipuna. Kia wehiki te Atua. Whakahonoretia te kingi.” After hearing those words I’m pumped to go out there, just thinking about what we were going to do in the battle field. It’s going to be different shooting a gun then swinging around a patu. What will we do when we get there, hopefully the pakeha don’t make us dig tunnels. We better do the haka to scare the enemy off. How long is it till were at Egypt i’m getting seasick. Ko Mikaera is making lunch, what a hard job that will be making us 500 men lunch. The thing I hate about all of this is I hate loud noises, So this will be hell for my ears. I miss Papa, Nana, Mama and the family. Koro was selected for the war too so I have him. I can not wait to go home if I can. I want new clothes for when my other’s get bloody. Finally were here now we have to unload and get ready to dig tunnels, I hate pakeha. Ok now I need to line up with the rest of the soldiers to do the haka, we better scare the enemy’s socks off.

The Maori Battalion

We will remember the 500 Maori soldiers of the Maori battalion who fought to save our country. This photo collage is to remember them.


For homework we had to research about burgers. I found out a lot of things about burgers, I even found out in 2009 if you unfriended 10 friends of Facebook burger king will give you a free whopper.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Jerry Collins.

He is a rugby legend. Jerry Collins was a All Blacks player and hurricanes player. He brought things for the community and he never showed off. Here is my DLO about him!

Friday, 5 June 2015

WW1 Animals.

I made a prezi with Tim on WW1 Animals. It has lots of facts about famous mascots and all of the animals that participated in the war.

How The Eye Works.

For homework we had to find out about how the eye works! I puts facts about the iris the pupil and lots more.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Xtra Maths

On Xtra maths I got lots of them right! These are the numbers I need to do!

Te Reo.

For Te Reo we played some Maori maths games. The first one I found hard but got lots right and the second one I played was even harder because it was 13- 20. If you want to play this game check this link out.