Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Current Events: Bus Strike.

Thomas and I have made this current events DLO about the bus strike that happened on February Friday the 19th to Saturday the 20th. It went on from 4am on the friday to 4am on the saturday. We researched the information we needed and we used the 5W's so it showed when it was, what it was, why it happened, where it happened, who it affected and how it happened. We wrote a point of view from both groups perspectives. For example: Group 1- Bus Drivers. Group 2- The people who use the buses.  The bus drivers did the strike to grab the public's attention so they saw their point of view.

Here are some sources we have used: LINK 1 LINK 2


Chelsea Donaldson said...

Excellent work Latham and Thomas. Your task and blurb shows me that you have understood the current event and the LI, to identify the 5 Ws in a current event. You have thought carefully about the point of views of the public and the bus drivers, and have explained why they have that point of view by using 'because'. Well done!

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