Friday, 29 July 2016

Buddy Reading

Today we partnered up with R3 and R4 to read with them. We read lots of books and had fun with them. It was awesome to see the juniors reading to us. We asked them questions like what was your favorite character, what picture did you like the best and others. It was an awesome time and I want to do it next time.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Book Week Dressup.

This week is book week and today we all dressed up in our book characters. I was Alex Rider with a black jacket, black pants and a gun on his side. It was so awesome to dress up as him to make reading really come to life. We had a special assembly for the juniors and it was really fun, especially when gangster granny arrived! It was the best fun and my costume was surprisingly comfortable. My favorite costume of the day was Lyndon's Batman costume.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Advertising DLO.

This week we are learning about advertising. We got into groups with other pupils and wrote what we knew about advertising. We wrote our sentence and made a DLO about it. We learnt that the developers of the product use positive language to try to get people to buy it. It was fun and we learnt heaps!

Monday, 25 July 2016

Attributting Images.

If you take images from the internet and you put them on a piece of your work then you are breaking the law! Did you know their is a way to attribute the images onto your work legally. First you go to google images and you change the search settings to labeled for reuse which means the owner of the image has given you the rights to use that image. Then you insert that image into your work, after that find the link to the website of that image and insert it. Write- photo by (The Owner) and CC 2.0. Now your using images legally!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

5 Minute Writing!

This is the tale of a very unpopular orangutan who gets lost in the Amazon rain forest! He was on a normal walk when suddenly he heard the trees falling and the branches snapping. The people who look after the animals, seiged to the rescue. They were helping the animals because a bulldozer was tearing apart the rain forest! They called their way to the bulldozer, "Stop, stop!" All the animals rushed but the orangutan ran so hard that he realized that there was no one and nothing near him. He ran into the plants and through the river. He went to have a drink, then a repugnant Parana jumped at him! He latched his hands onto the Parana massacring it. He then threw the dead Parana then a snake ate it up. Then he sees the bulldozer. He ran up to the bulldozer. He then threw the driver out of it and drove off! The lesson the driver learnt is to not destroy other peoples homes. Then the orangutan drove home and he lived happily ever after, until the snake ate the other snake, and the other snake ate the next snake and the next snake ate the orangutan! The End.

This is a story Lyndon and I have created! We had to take turns writing about an orangutan who gets lost in the Amazon rain forest! We wrote sentence by sentence and it was really fun! We thought it would be really funny to end it off with a snake who eats the other snake who then eats the next snake and the next snake eats the orangutan!

Visit From ASB Bank.

Yesterday Jeremy from ASB bank came to our school to talk to us about being wise with our money and how you can grow with your money. He started off the lesson by telling us about him and how his childhood was. He told us about the cross road which is taking the easy life with no challenges, so you will just cruise along then die, but taking the hard life with challenges you work hard to achieve the job you want to achieve.  Then he told us how he made money, he worked in a supermarket by stacking all the foods on the shelves and his mate and him challenged each other and they worked so hard that people and the manager saw how hard they worked. His mate worked by bringing in the trolleys from the car park and no body needed to worry about waiting for trolleys because they were always there! His mate and him worked so hard that they were promoted up to working at the checkouts. He had explained how to make money other ways by selling homemade lemonade and other things! It was really fun and he had even given us all an ASB wrist band! I think everyone is now switched on with their money.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Authors Purpose.

Today for reading I played a game to help me understand authors purpose. The game was fun and the objective is to read the story then guide the correct answer into the light bulb, then you guide the wrong answer into the light bulbs which aren't lit up! It was fun and also helped me with my reading!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Shipwrecked: Story.

Today I wrote a story about a nerdy inventor who is shipwrecked on a desert island. I went onto a website called Story Starters. I spun the wheel and it came up with a nerdy inventor who is shipwrecked on a desert island! When I had my idea I wrote the story!