Sunday, 3 January 2016

Summer Blogging!

For the next part of the summer blogging I have to imagine I've been given $1 000 000 and I have to start my own airline right here in New Zealand! I had to choose a name and make a logo on this website called

I have chosen my name which is Auckland Airways, ( I hope that names not already taken!)
And I have made my logo. Now I need to choose a airplane ticket, I will do that next time!

Friday, 1 January 2016

Summer Blogging!

For the summer blogging link we now have to buy our ticket to what country we have chosen as you know I have chosen the United Kingdom. Then we choose what airline were taking and its out of Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Emirates, Qantas, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa and British Airways!

I chose Air New Zealand! The next thing I need to do is board the plane but Curious Kiwi  (aka our project mascot) and I need to watch an airline safety video so that's the next part to our learning journey!

Here is a link to the saftey video in case you want to watch it too! See you for the next part of my learning journey!

           -    Airline Safety Video