Monday, 23 May 2016

.Transum Maths

This week I am practicing my 8 times tables! First I had to write down the times table, then I had to go over it on a document ten times to learn it. When I finished that I knew the 8's and I played the transum maths game Fast Factors to practice recalling the times table as fast as I could! My first time took around 60 seconds to finish but I wanted to keep going until I got faster. When I tried again I got 45 seconds. Now I am able to recall my 8 times table fast in my mind!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

China's Consequences Of A Second Child.

Harry, Manu and I have made this DLO about the consequences of having two children in China. The rule is if you have 2 children in china and one child is a girl they either kill them or abandon them somewhere! I myself think this is cruel and hurtful and my group thinks the same way about it.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Old Pair Of Shoes Story.

LI: To use the 5 senses and personification to help us paint a picture with words.

There I was running across the field, of course it’s not me it’s my owner. The ball looked pumped, I didn’t want to hit it but my owner forces me to. His gross toenails, pressing against my face. I was really hurt and exhausted so I decided to give my owner pins and needles by squeezing his foot. “Ouch!” squealed my owner. Minutes past and I could tell he was going to put his foot inside me again, I could smell his repugnant stench lowering down inside me. He quickly smashed his foot down, luckily I moved backwards, his foot smashed against the muddy grass. I then taste the sweat, raining into my pie hole. I tried so hard to not to breath, but the smell made me want to pass out, but who knows what his feet might do? I breathe out, I wasn’t ready and he’d already moved. My body was tingling, like I had been stung by a wasp, luckily the game had 1 minute to go. I thought to myself I could last one minute but when the game was over my owner’s team lost, all of a sudden he starts moving his dirty feet and stomps, he takes his feet out of me then throws me. Yay I said as I cheered, he was gone!

Oh Hsen and I have written this story from the eyes of a old, dirty pair of shoes. It is about a pair of shoes who is owned by a soccer player, he smells is feet, and tastes his sweat and he couldn't wait for when the game was over.

Ballad Poem 6 Thinking Hats.

Sylis, AJ, Harry and I have made this 6 thinking hat DLO when we explored the ballad poem written by John T Diamond. The poem is about a lady called Charlotte Anne who wore big boots and trousers. The men were the only people who cut down the trees and got dirty. But she showed the men that women can do what men can do.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Giant Pandas.

For reading we have been learning to synthesise. Synthesising is when you read information and then you change it to make an opinion. We had to find a partner and recall what we knew about giant pandas. I knew that they live in the jungle and forests and eat bamboo. Then we researched about them and what we found out and I saw that they eat 22 different types of bamboo which is fascinating. One of the bamboo type is called fargesia. Then I synthesised the information and  made a statement. My statement is that us humans should use other materials to make things instead of bamboo, because bamboo is the pandas food source.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


This is a DLO about synthesizing. Harry and I wrote down what we already knew about gorillas. Then we read an article that gave us more information about gorillas which we also wrote down. After that we thought about the info we got and how we could change it to make an opinion. We then had our own opinion which was to prevent gorillas extinction.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Real                                                                                         Fake
Image result for martin luther king

"I have a dream!" is a speech that was said by Martin Luther King! This week for reading we have been learning to understand what synthesizing is. Synthesizing is when you read something and change it so you can look at it a different way. So we went on to this website and made a cover for a biography, I made Martin Luther King! My cover title is called I Have A Dream because Martin Luther King made that speech on civil rights so that white and black people were equal which meant they could visit the same shops and do the same things but someone didn't like his speech and assassinated (Shot Him) one time when he was on his houses balcony in 1968 on April the 4th. We had to research about the person and also include the information we already know. We also added a background and I chose the American flag. I had to think about what he looked like so I made him look exactly like he did in other photos!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Sub Words.

Sub Paragraph

The man took the subway to his subcellar. On his way he stopped to check out a submarine submerging down to the subterranean, subzero water. When he received a call that he could study about the substratum under the earth's soil. Than he received mail from the subordinate staff, he suddenly felt his heart subvert as he read the daily subtitle.

Today Zeba, Mere, Ana and I found as many words in the dictionary that start with SUB! The words we were looking for were the words that are below or under for example: Subway (is an underground train!) Or a submarine (a boat that can go under water!) When we found our words we used some of them to create a small paragraph the sub words we used in the paragraph are underlined so you can see which words are sub words!

Eako-Maths Place Value.

Today I practiced my place value maths on E-ako maths. In the lesson I practiced today I had to find out how much of the number I would get in 1 thousand NZ notes, (Even Though We Don't Have Them!) For example if I had 38,000 and I wanted that number in 1 thousand dollar notes I would get 380 1000 dollar notes!