Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Quizizz Maths Game.

Today for maths we played a game called quizizz were you have to challenge your class mates with math equations. It is really fun to compete against other people I know in class and it really helps with your maths.
It was awesome seeing Mrs Anderson play with us and she came 1st!!
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Link to game-

6 Sentence Quick Writes

Today I have written these quick write story's about the Loch Ness monster and a creepy creature. The reason we wrote these story's was to practice writing narratives for next terms writing assessments.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Stig Wemyss Panmure Library Show.

Last Friday Stig Wemyss visited the panmure library. He is an audio book narrator who narrates the audio books writted by Andy Griffiths. It was a really funny show with audio book prizes and jokes. His entrance to the stage was like at a rock concert. He ran in everybody screamed out! Then he got Fraidoon to get up and throw him to the ground, after that he squirted Fraidoon with a water bottle. He was soaking wet. After that there was a game called sausage. He picked people to come up and answer his questions and your response had to be "Sausage!" Zahn was the only person who could complete the game, because he kept an angry face. I got to go up and play chubbie bunny, first he read us a story by Andy Griffiths called: Chubbie Bubbies! It was exited when I was picked to play. I managed to fit 8 full sized marshmallows in my mouth. At the end me and Afu were each given an audio book, my audio book was the 78 story tree house. It was awesome to meet and receive one of Stig's audio books and I hope to go to another show like that. 
Here is a link to his website if you would like to find out more about him. -

Friday, 16 September 2016

Word Study.

For reading I have created this word study DLO. I had to think of interesting words and write the meanings of them. Then I found photos of the meanings and wrote sentences with the word in it. It was fun using different words and seeing what they look like in a photo!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Duffy Assembly

Today we had our Duffy book assembly. We had a special guest named Henry Tuipe from Maori television and he told us his awesome story from when he was a kid. We had fun listening to his story, It was then time for our books. I got Jedi Academy The Phantom Bully and Spirit Animals Immortal Guardians. It was an awesome assembly and I enjoy the books I got!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Tongan Language Week Pourquoi Story.

How The Ngatu Came To Tonga.

Somewhere, some place, beyond the Seven Seas Captain Cook and his crew set off towards a village in Tonga.

We could all hear the ships, we knew there was a war. Mum and I kept back at hope whilst Fefe and Afa ran out. “Fefe you're the oldest so I don’t want you or your brother getting killed!” demanded the mum.
“Yes mum, Afa better listen or i’ll push him into the battle!”

“Don’t be nonsensical, now get your spears and stay safe, I’m counting on you boys to be our villages heroes!!” replied the mum.

Fefe and Afa ran out their puny little house. “Get down..” English men fired their guns, they all wondered who these new type of people were! “THEY HAVE GUNS!” yelled Afa. All the men kept reloading their muskets, Afa and Fefe had a plan. They figured out  how long it took the men to reload. The brothers and the tribe strategized ways to avoid the bullets by studying the soldiers movements. They could see immense bags lined up against the piles of dirt! They had men operating the cannons from the ships and soldiers down on the beach. Afa noticed that some men had swords, that easily meant they could annihilate them. “Fefe, let's move forward!”
“What, no you’ll get us killed!”
“Hey Fefe, whats that colored thing in the bag over there?”
“What that cloth?” replied Fefe.

They began to see things that their village had never experienced before, an artifact! An english man ran up to them, Fefe plunged his spear smashing against him repeatedly. Fefe and Afa felt their adrenaline pumping, nothing like this has never happened in their village.

“Fefe, i’m going to run up to them!”
“No…” Afa then pulled himself up from the dirt and began approaching the english men. It was too late to get him, Afa had already sealed his fate. The guns got fervorous, Fefe knew that mum couldn't live without Afa. Sadly he was gone...

Fefe remembered what their plan was, he started drawing in the sand. “Where are the rest of them?” inquired Captain Cook.
Fefe dived into the luminous water, he could see the ships. Than out of nowhere a man grabbed Fefe, Fefe tried breaking the man’s grip. The water was clear enough to see, Fefe punched the man, smashing him down. Fefe reached down, *Gurgle*  

Bullets plunged through the water, Fefe had reached the ship! “Well, well, well who do we have here?”
“I am here for that artifact in your bag!”
The men were all amazed that Fefe could speak english. Fefe had learnt english when gifted a magical rock, giving him that ability.
Fefe kicked a guard, pulling out his spear. The men formed a circle surrounding Fefe. Captain Cook watched from the top of the ship. Fefe smashed his spear, the force jabbing through the man.

In the end Fefe and his tribe managed to annihilate the crew. Captain Cook began to flee the village, leaving the bags behind. Fefe and the tribe charged towards the ship. Days later the tribe had reached a little place called Hawai’i. The Tongans and Hawaiians kept hidden whilst Captain cook and the rest of his crew came aboard. Fefe could see the men walking slowly, loading their muskets. One man heard a branch snap, he shot! The tribe ambushed the men.

They began fighting. Fefe grabbed hold of Cook, the soldiers spread out rotting on the corpulent sand. Captain Cook was then killed on the 14th in 1779. Fefe and his family were famous for what they did. Fefe found the cloth and that's how Tonga discovered the Ngatu, just like Cook discovered Tonga.

Making peace towards family and representing your people. There is a fine line between bravery and recklessness, and recklessness is not a good thing!

This is my story I made for Tongan language week, It is a mythical story about a boy called Fefe who helps his villages tribe to victory.  A pourquoi story is a mythical made up story to tell how something came to tonga! 

Magic Box Poem.

I will put into the box...
The shavings of ice percolating down the airy sides.
Heat from the fiery forces encompassing within the four walls.
A pinch of spearmint stabbing acuminously against the fabricated surface.
A touch of love and forgiveness.

I will put into the box …
The wisdom of protection.
Shock of capability from the forces of obscurity.
And treasure dropped from the celestial spheres above.

I will put into the box …
The hate precipitating into a tenacious spot.
Letters of doubt fullness overflowing.

My box is fashioned from diamonds and gold and on the lid the wisdom which overtakes eternity.

Its hinges are fastened with the world's most finest leather which tells very decisive tales.

I shall put into box
A stone of devotion and infatuation.
A heart of of courage and salvation,
the hope of compassion.

This is my magic box poem. I had to think of descriptive language to put into this poem. I am happy with this poem and had lots of fun!

Cross Country.

Today we did our school cross country over at Dunkirk park. I was pumped to race then it started to rain. I was actually quite excited to run in the rain. We waited for our turn and finally it was time. We ran off, I kept my pace. I could see Thomas and Gozan in front, I was feeling puffed. My heart was racing, I didn't want to hit the wall (when your legs are too tied to run and your head can't cope with it and you blackout!) Then I realized it was the final lap, I was so happy to hear that. I finally finished the 4 laps, I came 4th!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Sons Of Ma'Afu Sketch Note.

This week is Tongan language week and for reading I have read this story called The Sons Of Ma'Afu. I had to read the text and do the follow up task with a critical friend. Once we finished the follow up I went off and created a sketch note based on the information I had gotten from the book. In the end of the story its says that you can see The sons of Ma'Afu up in the sky!

Maths: Decimals.

Today for maths I was learning how to recognize and use decimals. At first I thought decimals would be really hard but doing the worksheet today has made me realize that they are really easy! I also found out that decimals are like fractions and that made me think more! It was awesome and I can't believe i'm saying this but it was fun!!!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Read Theory

For 20 minutes in class we boost our reading knowledge by logging on to Read Theory. It helps us to read the text and answer the questions. When you get a bit stuck with the questions you can go back and read the text to look for information so that you understand what the question is! It is fun to challenge myself and go up different grades! 

Monday, 5 September 2016

The Outlook For Someday Challenge.

For the past few weeks I have been creating a movie that I have sent into the film competition: The Outlook for Someday. I started by creating a storyboard, (My Ideas) It was fun to do that and I couldn't wait for the next part which was making props. It took ages to prepare for the movie, especially figuring out how to make the roof fall onto the table! Then it happened, I finally got to film it! After that I was able to edit and find the best possible sound effects. I am very happy how the movie came out and very exited for the results!!!!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cross Country Training.

We have been training for our school cross country. The one thing I know to do all the time is to breath in and out and try to make my lips into a circle. I need to try to run at a normal pace and not to sprint to start with. I had fun training and it will be an exiting time for the real race.