Friday, 25 September 2015

It's Time to get Healthy!

Brianna, Jack, Juanita  and I created this trailer to show kids why it's important to eat healthy food. We made some changes after getting feedback and now my teacher thinks its awesome!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Run, Jump, Throw.

Today For Run, Jump, Throw we did Shot put and Discus. For Shot Put you have to cover your fingers and your neck but keep the Shot Put of your palm. Keep your chin, knees and toes all in a row with your elbows high. For Discus grip shelf, it should fall out. Swing yours arms up holding the Discus and clap then bring your arms down and take your hand off. Point your opposite finger in the air and swing your arm round. When your arms meet it will look like a T then release the Discus when your arms are beside and watch it fly. It was very fun and we learnt a lot. Can't wait for the next session!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Still Life Paintings.

This is my painting I made of a still life sunflower! We got the idea from artist Vincent Van Gogh who cut off his ear and shot him self in the abdomen! But Before all of that he had a friend coming to stay and the room he stayed in was plain white so he painted a whole lot of sun flowers and put them on the walls to brighten up the room!

My Speech!

Hello teachers and students. I want to tell you about the causes and dangers of too much social media.

I think it's not good for kids to be on social media for a long time because it can cause poor mental health, the consequences are not being able to deal with stress. This Needs To Stop!  I think there should be a time limit for every kid on their phones, ipads, computers and other devices.

Do you or someone you know spend more time than they should on social media?

Too much social media can cause depression, internet addiction, anxiety and laziness. It even stops families having a conversation! Think when was the last time you talked as a family?

Did you know many kids aged 8 through to 18 nearly spend 4 hours on social media each day.  That’s 28 hours a week, 112 hours a month and 1344 hours a year. That works out to 56 days a year on social media! That’s 56 days they didn’t get active.

Also on the newspaper there was an article talking about kids having sleeping disorders. Which is being unable to sleep, because they spend too much time on social media!

I also found out that too much screen time can cause hallucination. If you don’t know what hallucination is, it causes problems with your vision and hearing voices no one's spoken.

To fix this you can get active and make sure you only spend about 40 minutes on social media.

I think parents can have a family lock on there home devices so the children can only go on there devices when there parents say so. If they make a lock that can prevent children from playing on their devices for too long there can be a password only the parents know.

That's why I think kids should spend more time playing outside instead of going on social media, because there are more things to do outside, then on a device!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Cross Country 2015

Today we had cross country, it was fun and hard. We got tired very easily! We started off it was the year 7 race. I lined up waiting to start "Smash!" went the wooden banger. We all ran to start with I was coming 3rd then we got to Mrs Benli who was marking where to go. Then we got to Mrs Prasad, then we got Mrs Millward. We then had to run back, I was then coming 5th. Then Manu stopped and I got in front but soon again he cut in front. When We got near the finish line Zahn came 1st, Gozan came 2nd and Thomas came 3rd. When me and Manu got to the finish line we tied until he took one step and he crossed it before me. When we crossed we both collapsed face forward on the grass, and we got up and walked back to our buddies and lay tired for a few minutes on the ground.It was awesome but tiring.

Monday, 7 September 2015

My Three Comments.

Today we had to comment on three blogs of students in our class. I commented on San Tat's, Manu's and Paige's blog!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Run, Jump, Throw

Today we had Run, Jump, Throw again. We did high jump and long jump, when your doing long jump you need to swing your arms, bend your knees, look up and land on two feet! When your doing high jump you need to slightly bend your knees, run from angle in a J shape, quick actions, leading arm and leg and jump from the side of lead leg. Andy had us also play stuck in the mud where you have to leap over the person who got tagged, kind of like leap frog and a game where you jump on on each of the circles in a line and your in 2 teams. When you get to the other opponent you play a game of paper, scissors, rock and when 1 person gets out they go to the back of their teams line and the next person goes up! This was a fun session we learnt heaps of things.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

My Worst Day

My Worst Day

Our sick cat was at the vet!
We were at a party we were happy and then we arrived home thinking our cat was ok?

For reading we had to write a 25 word recount of the worst day we ever had.