Monday, 5 December 2016

Rockets at TC: Fair Test DLO.

On Friday Reon, Sylis and I created this DLO about rockets. We went to Tamaki college to make straw rockets and real rockets. We started by making a straw rocket out of a straw, sellotape and paper. It was so much fun. We recorded our results and averages on this DLO! Miss Ferguson 3D printed a plastic rocket called the "Carrot". It went so high we couldn't find where it landed!


Leopote said...

Hey Latham
Amazing presentation about LS2's full day of rockets. In one slide, your averages need to be fixed. I recommend dividing your last numbers ( The numbers in the Average distance) by 3. Could you please add this in? Great job.

Thomas said...

Hi Latham,
I really like how you chose to change the angle of which you threw the rocket instead of just who threw it. The Carrot was pretty interesting, and I can't wait until to tomorrow for when we go back.
Keep it up!

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