Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Speech 2016

Kia ora Panmure Bridge/ LS2 I am here to talk about why making movies is more interesting and entertaining then doing school work!  There are many types of topics to make a movie on! For example: you can make a movie that makes maths fun by writing out a script, finding actors and making an epic movie about a subject which is so boring into something fun!
Have I hooked you in yet?
Well my first point is I want to make students from PBS to want to make movies! It could be a sad movie, an action movie, even a funny movie! Why should you solve boring equations when you can make a digital learning object to help others to solve equations in a fun way!
Who actually wants to do maths, reading and writing in books or on your devices when making movies on those subjects helps but also makes the learning fun, am I right? Did you know that it is really easy to make a movie, with just 4 steps you can create a movie to make your parents/ teachers proud!  

If you are like me I hate maths, I think it is the worst thing ever invented and when I made a movie on learning my times tables I actually started to like maths! Wait did I just say that? So when I make movies some of the best movies I have made have had  something to do with maths. But my point is to show why it is better to make movies on the subject than answering the questions that we may already know!

I hope the information I have given you has made a choice in your mind on whether making movies instead of doing the tasks the way that you could do or if you could make a movie on how you show your learning when doing the tasks given to you! Thanks for listening to my speech and hope you try my type of learning!

Ana, Daniel and Harry listened to my speech then collaborated together and discussed what I did right and what I need to improve on! I need to try to talk slower and look at the audience more to keep them entertained!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Forgotten Silver Poster.

Forgotten Silver is a documentary by Peter Jackson and Costa Botes. I made this fan poster based on it!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Super Smog.

TIME For Kids
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Super Smog in China

Officials close schools and ground flights as dense smog shrinks visibility in Harbin, a city in China

OCT 21, 2013 | By Kelli Plasket with TIME and AP reporting
`AFP/GETTY IMAGES A woman wearing a face mask to block out the smog uses her mobile phone in Harbin, a city in northern China.
Winter is coming to northern China—and with it, another season of heavy smog. Smog is a hazy blend of smoke and fog caused by pollution in industrial areas. On Monday, in the large city of Harbin, small-particle pollution rose to a record 40 times higher than what is considered to be safe by the World Health Organization (WHO). The thick haze caused visibility to fall to less than half a football field, grinding the city to a halt.
A police officer works on a street blanketed in heavy smog in Harbin on October 21, 2013.
A police officer works on a street blanketed in heavy smog in Harbin on October 21, 2013.
When Wu Kai, a 33-year-old Harbin resident, looked out her apartment window on Monday, she couldn’t see anything. At first, she thought it was snowing. Then she realized it was smog. Her husband left for work wearing a mask to cover his mouth and nose and stop him from breathing in the pollution. His regular bus wasn’t running because of the low visibility. “It’s scary, too dangerous,” Kai told the Associated Press. “How could people drive or walk on such a day?”
Many people can’t get around. Authorities in the city closed primary and middle schools and some highways on Monday. Harbin’s Taiping International Airport canceled or delayed at least 40 flights.
Smog Season
Northern China experiences year-round air pollution from factory emissions and the huge number of vehicles on the road. Typically, the air pollution is at its worst in the winter, when more coal is burned to heat homes and buildings. Harbin’s municipal heating systems kicked in on Sunday. On Monday, visibility was down to less than 55 yards, according to state media.
China’s environmental protection agency monitors the level of harmful particles in the air. The agency saw readings as high as 1,000 micrograms per cubic meter at several monitoring stations in Harbin on Monday. WHO says a safe level is 25 micrograms per cubic meter.
Pollution Problems
China’s major cities have some of the world’s worst smog. Record levels of air pollution crippled Beijing, the capital, for weeks last winter. The Chinese government, which had long ignored the problem, is finally taking notice. In September, China’s Cabinet announced a plan that aims to reduce the country’s heavy reliance on coal to below 65 percent of total energy usage by 2017. Last week, Beijing also announced a set of color-coded emergency measures for bad pollution days.
Fixing the pollution program will be costly for the Chinese government. Officials say the country will need to spend nearly $817 billion to fight pollution.  But the cost of ignoring it could be much worse.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Young Authors Challenge Story: Kick Off.

Kick Off!

He walks onto the field. As his foot hits the ground muddy water bursts up his legs! He calls to his teammates. The whistle goes. Fast paced men run towards him, the ball smashing against their boots. “Goal!” the crowd roars as the ball passes the out stretched goalie.

“Hey did you catch that game last night?” asked Mike.

“Yeah, I reckon one day I’ll be like Messi, you know fast, strong, good at football!” replied Axel.

“You’ll never be like him, no one will!”  

Axel had that saying in his head the whole night! You’ll never be like him, no one will. The next day Axel asked his teacher if he could join the soccer club. “Training starts tonight!”

Axel set up his gear. “There's a new Messi in school!” He walked over to the field and Mike was training! “Could this day get any worse?”

“Hey little Axel decided to come play soccer!”

“Who said I can’t?” queried Axel.

The more Mike kept saying those things, the more Axel wanted to play.

Later That Day…
“Hey honey how was your day?”

Axel didn’t reply. He walked up to his room and slammed the door. “Maybe Mike is right. Maybe I am hopeless. Maybe I’ll never play soccer!”

“Son, want to come watch the game with me?” asked his dad.

“OMG!” yelled Axel.

The next day Axel decided to grab a ball and practice his skills he would need if he wanted to join the team. He practiced for hours, he even propped his ipad on a seat so he could learn the miraculous and prodigious skills and tricks that Messi could do! It took him about 3 weeks to master juggling the ball 3 times, and he thought he was hopeless, well really he was!  Afterall his mum and dad had watched him fail for hours.

Than finally he did it, he could juggle, dribble and much more, he was ready!   

Weeks later he stood up and walked onto the field for his first day of polished and professional training. Mike was there laughing with his mates. “I bet he can’t even score a goal!” he muttered to his friend. Axel ran home, and found all his life savings. He went online and bought a small soccer goal. When it arrived he got his ball and two pairs of shoes.

Why, you ask? Well if he put the shoes in different places near the goal he could practice dribbling the ball passed the shoes like they were other players! And the idea actually worked! The next day he had a big match! “3 2 1 Go!” The game had started.

Axel was playing against Mike so he wanted to play the best he could. He had the ball, he now knew that passing the ball is the right thing to do, so he kicked it up towards the strikers who are the two people who play up front. One of the players was then injured but the game still went on. Axel ran up front with the ball. “Come on Axel you can do this!” he muttered to himself. He thought and when he got near the goal he passed it to his team mate and turned his back. The teammate passed it back and Axel flipped himself around  kicking the ball straight into the goal.  That soccer move, ladies and gentlemen, is known as the Bicycle!

“Can’t score a goal aye?” as he walked passed  Mike. Mike was speechless, surprised with his mouth wide open.

The one thing that Axel learnt is that you never give up on a dream, because one day it might just come true!

This is my entry for the 2016 Young Authors Challenge. It is about a boy named Axel, who struggles to play soccer, but he practices and finally he plays. He also faced playing against his mortal enemy, (worst person he knows) and eventually he shows him who can really play.