Monday, 25 July 2016

Attributting Images.

If you take images from the internet and you put them on a piece of your work then you are breaking the law! Did you know their is a way to attribute the images onto your work legally. First you go to google images and you change the search settings to labeled for reuse which means the owner of the image has given you the rights to use that image. Then you insert that image into your work, after that find the link to the website of that image and insert it. Write- photo by (The Owner) and CC 2.0. Now your using images legally!


Robyn Anderson said...

Fabulous work Latham! Attributing the images is our way of saying thank you to the owner for sharing their work with us. It is important that we remember to do this when we use shared images.

Latham said...

Thanks for you feedback Mrs Anderson. It was good attributing the images and also fun to use the images legally. I can not wait for when we attribute a website.

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