Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Friday the 13th in a cabin.

                            Friday the 13th in a cabin

 We were all set and ready for an awesome night. Sylis and Daniel had come with me and our parents to a cabin with five rooms.Tonight is Friday the 13th, and everybody says that is real but it is just superstition. “Hey Sylis we should freak out our dads” “ok” said Sylis and we all went to sleep. We were sweating with fear. We then heard footsteps “what was that” said Sylis “I don't know maybe its Jason” said Daniel. “Don’t say that” I said. Then the knob on the door slowly turned “I'm really scared now” said Daniel then we heard a chain saw. “Ahhhhh” I said Jason had cut down the door in our room. We ran towards the living room “maybe this is a safe place” said Daniel “why” said Sylis “because they call it the living room” said Daniel .“Don’t be silly” l said. Our parents woke up and we were screaming “before I die I want to say that you guys are awesome friends” I said. “Thanks” said Sylis “yeah thanks to” said Daniel.We ran in to our parents room and slept in the closet but then Jason came. I grabbed a wooden plank and whacked Jason. He tripped and fell through the old ground. “I'm never coming here again” said Daniel “true that” I said and we went home.


sylis said...

Hi latham I like your blog pst about friday the 13th and Jason.

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