Wednesday, 14 October 2015

SSW Story Swap Task.

I looked at the house, wanting to check it out. When I walked there the door opened, I walked inside quietly and asked "Hello is anyone here?" no one replied. I had a look around, the lights turned off and on while I walked closer to the bedroom. Footsteps ran past me, a light shined from a window I could see the door. As I get closer I had a feeling someone was watching me. The door shut and I felt like something was crawling up my leg. I got really scared I had a look at my legs in was just a spider. I would  hate for it to be something like a skeleton arm. I Tried to open the door it wouldn't let me I knew something Was blocking the door, As I turned around all the curtains were pushed both sides of the end. I heard Water running It was a tap. I asked myself that was pretty strange I tried and tried to open the door. It opened some how? I ran out of the room and bolted like the wind back home I said to my self I'm Never going there again!!!
Today We had to do a silent challenge for writing. It was a really cool our challenge was not to talk. There was also a small challenge well doing this we had to work with someone our teacher decide to cool this challenge SSW which means Sustain Silent Writing. One thing I learned today was to read out out our story so you can hear the mistake and fix it.


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