Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Speech 2016

Kia ora Panmure Bridge/ LS2 I am here to talk about why making movies is more interesting and entertaining then doing school work!  There are many types of topics to make a movie on! For example: you can make a movie that makes maths fun by writing out a script, finding actors and making an epic movie about a subject which is so boring into something fun!
Have I hooked you in yet?
Well my first point is I want to make students from PBS to want to make movies! It could be a sad movie, an action movie, even a funny movie! Why should you solve boring equations when you can make a digital learning object to help others to solve equations in a fun way!
Who actually wants to do maths, reading and writing in books or on your devices when making movies on those subjects helps but also makes the learning fun, am I right? Did you know that it is really easy to make a movie, with just 4 steps you can create a movie to make your parents/ teachers proud!  

If you are like me I hate maths, I think it is the worst thing ever invented and when I made a movie on learning my times tables I actually started to like maths! Wait did I just say that? So when I make movies some of the best movies I have made have had  something to do with maths. But my point is to show why it is better to make movies on the subject than answering the questions that we may already know!

I hope the information I have given you has made a choice in your mind on whether making movies instead of doing the tasks the way that you could do or if you could make a movie on how you show your learning when doing the tasks given to you! Thanks for listening to my speech and hope you try my type of learning!

Ana, Daniel and Harry listened to my speech then collaborated together and discussed what I did right and what I need to improve on! I need to try to talk slower and look at the audience more to keep them entertained!


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