Monday, 25 May 2015

Five Minutes Of Camp

  Five Minutes Of Camp

I tightened my harness, I keept going to my instructor to check it. It was time for the centipede, we lined up in a row of four to hold the ropes so we didn't fall! I thought I was going to die! It was my turn to climb I got given a helmet and stood by the centipede. I was pumped to do this I thought I was going to climb a half of  it. I put my foot on the metal ring. My feet were numb, I looked down and saw the mud. I saw people slipping I didn't want that to be me. My dad was cheering me on, I could see his proud face. There was a tear in my eye, The Hunua Ranges was beautiful. I had to think where next to put my feet. I could see the top about three meters away. There was mud on my hands when I looked down it was higher and my heart felt like it dropped. I could see the B Layers pulling onto the rope as hard as they could. I must have been heavy. I slipped and thought it was the end, I said to the instructor Luke “I want to get down.” Just as they were about to let go. I turned around and remembered I had courage and I could do it so I said “Wait, I want to finish this.” The B Layers pulled the rope so it was safe to keep climbing. I used the side of the centipede to put my feet on while I put my hands inside the rings! I pulled myself up and touched the top! I was so proud. When I came down my dad took lots of photos of me. I was in shock because I never knew I had the courage.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you Latham for facing your fears and giving it a go. Well done. Mum xx

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