Friday, 19 June 2015

Scratch Tools and Technique.

Scratch Tool

Technique - What does the tool do?

Description - What was the tool used for?

Script : Event : When (green flag) clicked

When you click on the green flag, the animation will start
To start the animation
Script : Event : When backdrop switches to (backdrop)
It makes the background switch to a different background.
Changes backrounds
Script : Event : When I receive (message1)

.Runs script below when it receives specified broadcast message

Messages scripts to do things
Script : Event : broadcast (message1)
It sends a message to all scripts
Sends Messages
Script : Event : broadcast (message1) and wait
It sends messages to all sprites and wait
Sends messages and waits
Script : Motion :  move (10) steps
The sprite moves a certain number of steps
Moves a number of steps
Script : Looks : say (Hello!) for (2) secs
Say words in a speech bubble for a number of seconds
Says words in a speech bubble for a number of seconds
Script : Looks : switch costume to (costume2)
Switch costume to change the look of a sprite
Changes the look of a sprite
Script : Looks : switch backdrop to (backdrop1)
Switch to the specified backdrop
Changes to a different background
At tech we had to fill in  this chart about scratch.


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