Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Student Leader Nomination.


I believe I would be the best choice for the 2016 Manaiakalani Leader. As a part of becoming a leader, I am a confident speaker and I help others with their learning! I can take on any challenge that will help me become a school leader, and be the best I can at it. My passion is making films and videos, so I use a computer a lot, in and out of school! To be a Manaiakalani Leader you need to know how to use computers and that is something I am very good at! I dress smart in my uniform and style my hair and would make our school look very smart. I know I can take on a leadership role, and I can/will do everything I can to become one and do our school proud.

I have been nominated for Manaiakalani Leader for 2016! I have written this paragraph to persuade people to vote for me. I have listed the Leader quality's that I have that people can look at. I am proud of my self and I am prepared for this. I think I have a clear chance and hope to be elected!


John said...

Hey Latham I really like the confidence that you have to become a school leader. It is really cool that you want to become the Manaiakalani leader. I hope you make it and good luck.

DJB said...

Great post! I admire your confidence. It sounds like you would be great in this role. Good luck.

Mrs Burt

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