Wednesday, 4 May 2016


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"I have a dream!" is a speech that was said by Martin Luther King! This week for reading we have been learning to understand what synthesizing is. Synthesizing is when you read something and change it so you can look at it a different way. So we went on to this website and made a cover for a biography, I made Martin Luther King! My cover title is called I Have A Dream because Martin Luther King made that speech on civil rights so that white and black people were equal which meant they could visit the same shops and do the same things but someone didn't like his speech and assassinated (Shot Him) one time when he was on his houses balcony in 1968 on April the 4th. We had to research about the person and also include the information we already know. We also added a background and I chose the American flag. I had to think about what he looked like so I made him look exactly like he did in other photos!


Robyn Anderson said...

You have done a fabulous job of explaining your task Latham! I can clearly see what you were doing and what it means. Your biopic cover shows me that you read the text carefully and I really like the comparison to the real image. Superb synthesising :)

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