Friday, 13 May 2016

Giant Pandas.

For reading we have been learning to synthesise. Synthesising is when you read information and then you change it to make an opinion. We had to find a partner and recall what we knew about giant pandas. I knew that they live in the jungle and forests and eat bamboo. Then we researched about them and what we found out and I saw that they eat 22 different types of bamboo which is fascinating. One of the bamboo type is called fargesia. Then I synthesised the information and  made a statement. My statement is that us humans should use other materials to make things instead of bamboo, because bamboo is the pandas food source.


Nyjah said...

Hello Latham I like how you told what you know about giant pandas and what they eat. I also like the background you choose because its like nature. Next time you can do more information about them.

Robyn Anderson said...

This is a fabulous synthesis Latham. Your statement at the end shows that you have really thought carefully about the consequences of the information you read. Well done!

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