Thursday, 8 September 2016

Cross Country.

Today we did our school cross country over at Dunkirk park. I was pumped to race then it started to rain. I was actually quite excited to run in the rain. We waited for our turn and finally it was time. We ran off, I kept my pace. I could see Thomas and Gozan in front, I was feeling puffed. My heart was racing, I didn't want to hit the wall (when your legs are too tied to run and your head can't cope with it and you blackout!) Then I realized it was the final lap, I was so happy to hear that. I finally finished the 4 laps, I came 4th!


Robyn Anderson said...

What a great post Latham! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and I'm really glad you didn't hit the wall. Well done for completing the course and especially well dine for coming 4th!

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