Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Spirit Facts.

How might spirits find a host?
Spirits don’t really have a method for finding hosts, they just choose somebody who looks like they did before they died, as it makes them feel alive again. Other spirits could be conjured up but that is not a very safe choice to make!

Why might spirits haunt places?
Sometimes when people who pass on and their family has owned it for generations they tend to return to the homes. Most people can contact spirits or contact people who can see spirits or they feel a presence which could be good, but it can also be bad!

How could you get rid of a spirit once it has found a host?
You can kindly ask it to leave. Some spirits don’t think they're dead so explain to them that they died. Use your imagination to see people you love. If it is a bad spirit then you need to seek help from a priest or a demon expert.
Is it possible to see spirits?

Psychics can read and see spirits, and they can also talk to them. Other people are gifted and have the ability to see spirits.

Thomas, Sylis and I have created these facts on spirits! For our mini inquiry we have to research something to do with what letter we got. We all got S, so we came up with Spirits. After this we are making a movie about spirits and will be completed soon!


Lyndon Rodgers said...

nice blog post Latham i like how you worked together with your friends on the blog post i liked reading it. it was very interesting.

Latham said...

Thanks, We are also making a movie about this topic!

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