Friday, 12 August 2016

Olympic Venue Provocation DLO.

In class we have been learning to consider both sides of a provocation so that we can make a informed opinion. Mrs Anderson asked us to think about which point of view we felt was right. We then had to find facts on whether they should or shouldn't spend huge amounts of money on venues that could be abandoned or neglected in the future. My DLO shows my opinion and another persons opinion showing that they think they should spend that create those venues. I hope that they make the choice of using that money on things that really matter like food and medicine for poor families in Rio or other poor countries.


Robyn Anderson said...

Wow! Your opinion shows me that you have really thought carefully about this question Latham. I really like the way you state your point of view in your blurb because it made me think. Well done :)

Latham said...

Thanks for the feedback Mrs Anderson, It was really interesting finding out what actually happens to the venues after a long time.

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