Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Speech!

Hello teachers and students. I want to tell you about the causes and dangers of too much social media.

I think it's not good for kids to be on social media for a long time because it can cause poor mental health, the consequences are not being able to deal with stress. This Needs To Stop!  I think there should be a time limit for every kid on their phones, ipads, computers and other devices.

Do you or someone you know spend more time than they should on social media?

Too much social media can cause depression, internet addiction, anxiety and laziness. It even stops families having a conversation! Think when was the last time you talked as a family?

Did you know many kids aged 8 through to 18 nearly spend 4 hours on social media each day.  That’s 28 hours a week, 112 hours a month and 1344 hours a year. That works out to 56 days a year on social media! That’s 56 days they didn’t get active.

Also on the newspaper there was an article talking about kids having sleeping disorders. Which is being unable to sleep, because they spend too much time on social media!

I also found out that too much screen time can cause hallucination. If you don’t know what hallucination is, it causes problems with your vision and hearing voices no one's spoken.

To fix this you can get active and make sure you only spend about 40 minutes on social media.

I think parents can have a family lock on there home devices so the children can only go on there devices when there parents say so. If they make a lock that can prevent children from playing on their devices for too long there can be a password only the parents know.

That's why I think kids should spend more time playing outside instead of going on social media, because there are more things to do outside, then on a device!


Robyn Anderson said...

A great speech Latham! You spoke clearly and confidently throughout your speech. I really liked the breakdown of hours and days, it made your information seem very real. Well done.

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