Thursday, 3 September 2015

Run, Jump, Throw

Today we had Run, Jump, Throw again. We did high jump and long jump, when your doing long jump you need to swing your arms, bend your knees, look up and land on two feet! When your doing high jump you need to slightly bend your knees, run from angle in a J shape, quick actions, leading arm and leg and jump from the side of lead leg. Andy had us also play stuck in the mud where you have to leap over the person who got tagged, kind of like leap frog and a game where you jump on on each of the circles in a line and your in 2 teams. When you get to the other opponent you play a game of paper, scissors, rock and when 1 person gets out they go to the back of their teams line and the next person goes up! This was a fun session we learnt heaps of things.


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