Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Ancient And Modern Olympics Inquiry DLO.

Daniel and I have been working on this DLO for weeks on the Olympics. As part of our inquiry we learn about the Olympics and then create a DLO. It was the most fun and also really interesting. I found out that the married women weren't allowed to watch the men participate because it would basically count and cheating on the married men.


Affonso said...

Hi Latham, this is a good detailed DLO on the difference of the modern and ancient olympics. It was really interesting and funny to find out that the ancient olympians ran naked. It was also quite sad that the married women could not watch their husbands in the ancient olympics.
Keep Up The Great Work.

Harry said...

Hi Latham. I agree with Affonso, this is a very detailed DLO on the ancient and Modern Olympics. But for partners weren't you supposed to work with a LS1 person, not LS2. There were some LS1 students who didn't have a LS2 partner. Other than that keep up the great work.

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